Kathmandu to Delhi bus ticket service

Kathmandu to Delhi Bus ticket

Kathmandu to Delhi Bus ticket information give the Bus departure time, Cost of Kathmandu to Delhi Bus and types of the Bus from Kathmandu to Delhi.Kathmandu to Delhi Bus service become more popular when Indian prime Minister Narendra Modhi inaugurated when he was in Kathmandu on the occasion of the SARRAC Summit meeting. Since then Kathmandu to Delhi bus service become more popular and People has a more demand that. Volvo Bus service is provided by the Indian Government while Nepali Bus service coordination with the Bus service facility to the delhi. Volvo Bus only three time one week. But from here daily three and four buses departure to Delhi from Kathmandu.   DTC Volvo Bus and Nepali standard bus ticket from Kathmandu to Delhi.DTC Bus called Modhi Bus because of the PM Modi inaugurated the Kathmandu Delhi Kathmandu Bus service. DTC Bus departure time from Kathmandu at 10 Am and  Access to Delhi at 12 noon next day or 1 Pm. 9 Am daily Nepali standard bus service to delhi from Kathmandu. DTC Bus cost Rs. 4000,Nepali standard Bus cost Rs. 3700 NPR and Nepali volvo bus cost Rs. 4000 NPR. book and reservation the Kathmandu to Delhi bus from our ktm Delhi bus ticket counter Kathmandu Nepal.There are many faq about the Kathmandu to Delhi Bus service from different travelers. Hi everybody. I’m aware that there is a bus service from Kathmandu to Delhi – is this trip worth doing for the scenery? I know that sometimes bus travel can be uncomfortable, dangerous and dirty – is this one worth doing, or worth avoiding?Thanks in advance!hello,i think that in this raining season Bus trip from ktm to Dehli is not comfortable due to rain so better to avoiding.thank you.It is better to go by bus to the border at Sonauli then to Gorakhpur, and take a train there.In terms of safety, the bus service from Delhi to Kathmandu (or vice versa) is pretty safe. These buses are generally new (2-4 years in service), air conditioned, seats are made of quality fabric and provide adequate comfort and recline, and most are complimentary WiFi enabled. They travel through major highways and stop at major cities/towns for food, so safety and comfort wise, they are good!For foreigners (non Nepalese and non Indians), they also take care of or assist in immigration paper work and processes and people do not have to roam at the border towns in either countries and waiting/looking for their next transport to their destination. You board in Delhi and are dropped off in Kathmandu (or vice versa).Sight seeing wise, you will get to see the towns, villages, farms, the people, how people live/eat and go on with their daily lives, the true local India/Nepal. On the India side, it is pretty plain and no hills or mountains; after crossing into Nepal and driving for about 3-4 hours, you will pass through hills and hilly roads with river flowing downstream. At times, rains might cause flooding and roads blockade, especially on the Nepalese side, however, if you do not plan to take a flight to/from Nepal, you might encounter them anyways on the road with any other transport mechanism.Hi Hari thanks for advice – I should have said I am planning for mid April next year – is that a better time?

Hi Pierre thank you – how long would that take if switching to train?Hi AlphaSiera thanks for your input – it sounds like it will be comfortable enough – I’m considering it because we are actually heading to Goa from Kat (next April) and the flights are expensive and the layover means you are travelling overnight anyway – so I thought bus then fly from Delhi – which is much cheaper – thanks for your input.Kathmandu to Delhi is around 30 hr jouney and it would be certainly a hectic one.Another option which would take nearly same time to reach Goa and would cost you nearly same would be Kathmandu-Varanasi-Mumbai-Goa.There is a tri weekly volvo service between Varanasi and Kathmandu.It take around 12 hr to reach Varanasi from Kathmandu.Varanasi is well connected from mumbai by flight and from Mumbai either you can take volvo or train.You can also check flight between Varanasi-Goa.There are no direct flight but you may get good deal on any connecting flight via Mumbai/Delhi.Do you have any recent experience with the Varanasi-Kathmandu bus? I will be taking this bus in a week or so. You say it takes about 12hr total? How does the border work – I’ve heard we get droppped before Sunauli (coming from Varanasi) and then go through Indian Immigration then walking over a bridge to a Nepal Immigration – I’m assuming we’d find the bus on the Nepal side after going through? I’ve also heard mixed statements about crossing the border there, if you could give any experience that would be helpful 🙂

Kathmandu to Delhi Bus.Daily Bus to Delhi from Kathmandu. Ac Deluxe Dtc Bus service from Kathmandu to Delhi.

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How to book kathmandu to Delhi Bus ticket:

Kathmandu to Delhi Kathmandu AC Volvo Bus service
Kathmandu to Delhi Kathmandu AC Volvo Bus service

You can book Kathamndu to Delhi bus ticket like a online. You deposit money in our Bank account. Then, take a Slip copy of the deposit money for Ktm delhi Kathmandu. From the Mobile Banking or online banking we know your deposit. Then, we send you the the confirm ticket Number by sms.Take your bank deposit slip and show the mobile Sms then you can take the seat according to the Mobile sms. Bank voucher is your payment proved copy. Online banking also a kind of  the online Delhi kathmandu bus ticket. Paying a money from online banking system is a online ticket booking from kathamndu to Delhi.

DTC Volvo bus for Kathmandu Delhi kathmandu tour
DTC Volvo AC Bus for Ktm delhi ktm travel and tours. Modhi Bus and Indian volvo bus Booking counter in Kathmandu Nepal. Contact at 9851005685

What is the Bank account for the online paying Kathmandu to Delhi bus ticket?

We have two account for the Online banking or Paying a money from online Banking. we have online Banking account in Neapl SBI Bank and Nepal Investment Bank. we will send the account number after you decide to buy a ticket.

Delhi Bus ticket counter in Kathmandu:



Bus leaving time-9 Am and 1 PM just air condition bus

Occasionally Non AC Bus time seclude by the Bus committee

Bus route of Delhi: Gorkhapur and Banbasa

Price of the Bus-3700-4000

Bus type-Volvo(3 times a week)

Nepal register tourist bus(Run 2 times Every day)

Seat of the Delhi bus which is daily running from Kathmandu
Seat of the Delhi bus which is daily running from Kathmandu

Benefits to run Kathmandu Delhi Bus

  1. it makes easy pilgrimage both Hindus and Buddhist pilgrimage.
  2. Easy for student ,travelers,researcher to go direct Delhi without spent long time to wait another bus.
  3. Connect the two country capital city
  4. 1200 km road distance between Kathmandu and Delhi covered by 27 hours.


Why Kathmandu Delhi bus so popular this days

After Narendra Modhi become the prime minister of India , Delhi and Kathmandu bus formally running. because of the more height of Newly prime minister modhi flagged off the bus service then it become more popular. Many media, international media give the news about the Delhi Kathmandu bus service on the occasions of the inauguration.

Before Modhi flagged off , there was also bus service to Delhi but not famous and wide spread like today. because of the expensive flight of Delhi and security reason people prefer to ride a bus to Delhi from Kathmandu.


Kathmandu to Chitwan Bus ticket for Chitwan jungle Safari. Jungle Safari Package include Kathmandu to Chitwan bus, Elephant safari, two night hotel in Chitwan, Jungle jeep driving, Food and accommodation in Chitwan. Book Kthmandu to Chitwan Bus ticket with the Chitwan tour Package.

This time Kathmandu to Pokhara night bus become very popular because of the facility of the night super deluxe Bus. Night bus pokhara has wifi,Ac,Mini bar,fresh room,toilet facility. Tea ,coffee,Snacks and get down time at pokhara Breakfast included.


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